When regarding good sculpture there is a complexity to the visual encounter. The ever changing space revealed through the material decision-making creates a rich experience in time.

I am intrigued by the possibilities for complexity in a painting -  not through indeterminacy but through specificity: a painting that grabs you from quite a distance; its character revealed in an essential way. The work’s character continues to enrich this experience as you near it; only now the subtleties of colour relationship takes over; finally the surface nuance reveals itself. 

The work will offer up a whole field of engagement. This is in itself a product of the painting being spatial. Spatial not by backing away but through difference and movement compelling you forwards to apprehend it’s factual-ness. 

Space is made through contrast (this manifests itself in different ways dependent upon the medium used: space in a colour painting on canvas will be different to that of a tonal drawing on paper) each medium places strategic as well as expressive demands upon its execution. 

It’s about hitting the “expressive bull’s eye!”