Heritage Gallery exhibition

I enjoyed the first Group show of The Brancaster Chronicles that I have exhibited in (being unable to participate in the initial one). It is on show at the moment in the Heritage Gallery in Greenwich’s Naval College buildings. Stunning Wren symmetry and grandeur. A great location on the river. The show features 1 work from 9 artists who had a Chronicle last year. The work I felt shares a ‘commonality’ rather than any “similarity”. I chose to show a work from 2015 which was exhibited at the Cut Gallery show in Halesworth. "Vibo": It has a broader palette than other paintings of the past 2-3 years,  incorporating more earths and a softer range of tertiaries which is something that I am keen to explore further. As always I enjoyed seeing the work of the sculptors in particular, as it is something I am more intrigued by as painter and tune in to the specificity of three dimensions. It was more of a general discussion due to the nature of having just one piece and trying to balance the time out (a struggle). On reflection I felt that  there is a growing drive to make work from the “inside - out” (my own term here); finding how one element relates or reacts to another. (an element can be a piece of steel, a brushstroke or a ‘phrase’ of colour. But the subtext is ‘construction’. This is the antithesis of thinking it out- a priori. Plenty of stuff to consider and digest. Not looking forward to seeing myself on film though when it's posted. I remember once telling the bin man (as a 4 or 5 year old) when he asked, that “No, I wasn’t going to the town to see the Queen” (my reason which I didn’t say was that I didn’t want to be seen on camera - still not happy with it!).