Titian on my mind

I am currently spending a lot of time making drawings from Titian and Delacroix paintings. Having just made a short trip to Paris to see some shows; the work of these two in the Louvre has been the most telling in impact. Each of them is able to describe space without disrupting the picture plane - Titian especially makes every decision in his work to stop "holes" appearing in the 'weave' of the space. The transitions of colour at the edges of contours for example are most noticeable for the sheer amount of adjustment and also insertion of extra pieces of landscape or body to move the rhythm of the picture in evermore satisfying arabesques. He is a master at meeting the edge of the canvas - verticals play off curves and zigzag passages add a fizzle (Tintoretto really ramped these up so much so that you can see Titian responding to it in his own work with looser handling and more daring sweeps of colour, hitting pitch perfect descriptive marks of colour that say all in the most economical way. As an abstract painter , it is the discovery of the painting's composition and these transitions that speak most strongly to me.