I am currently creating  new work for the end of year solo show at APT Gallery, London. The work is a further development upon recent stuff with a new emphasis on colour as line. I have been making a great deal of collages and it has been a stimulating time to see the relationship between the collages and the paintings - one has helped define the qualities I am seeking in the other. I will post some images of all this work soon (few early ones in the NEW WORK section, though I need to get some photos of the collages to put up).

I feel a lot more connected with colour as the subject and have realised how my approach to colour has changed  - it is now much less to do with pictoriality and a lot more with the "force" of a colour. Seeking the essential force in a colour and declaring that through the surface. There is a lot of attention to line in these new works and in seeing just how extreme I can go with regards changes of scale.

The drawing seems to be getting a lot more 'matter-of-fact' which in turns feels like a liberation of colour. I am sometimes a little suspicious of a "format-driven" approach which can, I feel inhibit colour; though with any series or sequence of work there is the inevitable "look" of a group of paintings.