Forthcoming show

I'm currently trying to complete a large 9x6 ft painting for a group show in London at the end of this month ("Ten in One" at the Truman Brewery T4 gallery 30th May - 2nd June - PV 29th May 6pm onwards) A struggle for me as it is the first time in a long time I have worked on an oversized painting. I have had over 30 goes at it and feel not really nearer to anything that when I started (bit of a worry as it needs to be done in next few days) The surface is now getting a bit crusty but I am reluctant to start a new roll on canvas that is sitting in the corner of the studio until this dragon is slain. As a Welshman, I see the irony here - as its doing me in at the moment. I can't see too many this size being made this year  -I can't store them anywhere easily, so will have to come down a touch. I want to be working regularly on a larger scale though for a one-person show at the end of the year in a large space with very high ceilings.  Its nice to be showing after such a break (with a young family I have had plenty of studio time but simply no time to chase shows or even be seen at them in last few years). Anyway, back to the cave.