I used to go out of my way to try and classify my work in terms of series, times, etc - but I less interested in this system   anymore - for one thing it seems to deny the haptic, fluidity that is a constant in my ambition - so what if works resemble one another or not - too often we are far too concerned with this "historical" possibly even egotistical position. So excuse the site any haphazardness in button titling - it's always about colour, it's always about surface, it's always changing in some way and best not to try and second guess those changes - paint and get on with it. Trying to make great painting is untrendy - that's great though in itself. Trendiness is boring as is art that tries to communicate a message  through narrative or symbolism (who does an artist think they are to do this in the first place?) Does any artist really think we care ? I find it interesting to hear an artist talk about their work as long as they are talking about their work and not what they think about their work - you never hear a tennis player for example discussing the symbolism of a shot (that backhand was subtle reflection on the demise of the trade union movement in Wales in the 1980's). No they talk about the game, the tactics, the shots... the facts.