I offer courses for artists of all levels from beginner to advanced wishing to get an in-depth feedback, support and direction in their work. There are three courses available: Standard ; Coaching ; Project. Each course has a different focus and provision. Aside from these three options there is also a “feedback” option which is priced per work over a sixth month period. 

I have been making abstract art for over 30 years and have exhibited worldwide, winning awards. I also write reviews and articles for online forums and the Royal Academy Magazine. I have a published book on Abstract Art and Abstraction, which features my work since a student. I am passionate about painting and with a particular focus on the role of colour and its relationship to surface. My expertise at paint handling informs my deep understanding of the multifarious approaches to processes and the technical and logistical challenges met by a painter. I believe that any form of teaching, coaching or advice hinges upon high levels of subject knowledge, experience and especially pedagogy; the ability to understand how we learn not just what we learn. This last point, I feel, is what is unique about my approach and delivery.

I have over 20 years experience as a qualified teacher working at all age levels from infant to graduate, including project work, lessons, visiting artist, lectures and talks in the UK, Europe, North America and Asia. I have worked as an Advanced Skills Teacher and a Mentor and Head of Department. I have also won awards for my work in the community. Aside from my work in formal education I have run workshops and courses in the UK and Asia. I have also been a regular course leader at the Royal Academy, London where my courses also receive extremely high ratings and deliver popular and over-subscribed courses and classes independently.

My correspondence courses are underpinned by not just the experience and achievements listed but also by a desire to help artists maximise the quality of their work and more significantly set in motion routines and approaches that help motivate and maintain this quality over time.

Feedback will be detailed, analytical and provide direction and support to facilitate a meaningful dialogue and promote ambitiously achievable work.

Please follow the email link (either in the "contact" link in the top navigation or the small envelope logo on the bottom right hand corner of this page)  to contact me to request further details and costs. I will try to be as prompt as possible but please allow up to 2 working days for a reply. Thank you in advance for any interest shown.