"I enjoy seeing Emyr Williams's work, including his townscapes and three-dimensional pieces; I know he enjoys mine too. I respect him for many reasons but the most relevant ones are his energy and his enjoyment of colour. Not that one can ultimately separate colour from all the other factors in his paintings, but it seems to be mainly his sheer colour that makes his best work so uplifting. He is going to go far.

His deep seriousness as an artist is always disguised by a total lack of pretention. For example, after inviting that mythical vicar to have some more tea, he will sum up the intellectual fad of Post-Modernism by remarking: "Postman Pat". This reminds me of the sculptor. the late David Smith's saying, "Balls and one make three".

John McLean : Nov 2007 

“…Caught up in the activity of work and urgency, this infinitely living painting does not confine itself to the four borders of the shape of the canvas, but inhabits a place where painting has no end”.
( François Bazzoli on Emyr Williams –
painter in Marseille – Marseille Revue Culturelle 1996)


“…Everything seems unstable, unnameable, about to explode, and at the same time joyous and simple, like a brightly coloured toy. Yet there is nothing superficial or trivial about these pictures; the best seem inevitable as well as unexpected”
(Karen Wilkin – Triangle Workshop France, Catalogue 1995)