NEW EXHIBITION: "Room for Manoeuvre" . As part of the Critical Forum , The Brancaster Chronicles.

"ROOM FOR MANOEUVRE" An joint exhibition of new work:  Emyr Williams and John Bunker

Unit 3 Project Space- Empson Street Studios , Empson St, London, E3 3LT

...a chance to open up and make some space for the scrutiny of self-conscious conventions which are often surreptitiously adopted in the guise of making ambitious art. In our different ways we hope to do this by placing greater importance upon the visually tactile and engaging dynamism that painting is unique in possessing.

By taking a transformative and questioning approach to abstract painting, we hope to celebrate and interrogate the dynamic , if tangled, histories within the modernist approach to practice. This visually rich and highly contested legacy continues to exude a magnetic negative/ positive charge in contemporary art and discourse. At a time when theory can turn from liberator to jailer, it may be worth remembering there's always room for manoeuvre.


"Oiler" acrylic on canvas 2013 - 51cm x 51cm


PRIVATE VIEW:  SEPTEMBER 12TH 2013 : 6:30PM onwards

Empson map..pdf

Work and transcripts of this show will be featured on the Abstract Critical website: